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Bitdefender antivirus is committed to offer reliable and effective protection to your devices and this antivirus application is compatible with all sorts of operating systems. You can schedule a scan with this antivirus application on your computer that helps in actively securing your PCs by scanning for Malware, viruses, security threats and this application helps you in providing the real time protection to your devices. Bitdefender scans your PC on a regular basis that keeps your PC secured and protected from all sorts of online threats.

You can schedule a scan on your PC by following these given steps.

Steps to follow:

  1. Turn on your PC and go to Bitdefender icon on your PC and then right click on it.
  2. A window will open and then go to schedule tasks.
  3. In the left side of the window, expand task scheduler library and then go to Microsoft and choose Windows and then go down and click on Windows defender folder.
  4. In the top center of this window, you need to double click on the Windows defender schedule scan.
  5. Next, go to triggers tab and then choose new.
  6. Now you get a chance to set the time and frequency and then select okay.

How to turn off Windows real-time protection on or off?

After turning on your PC, go to start button and then select settings option and there you need to click on update and security.
There you need to select Windows defender and then click on real-time protection to turn it on or off.

One can use these steps to activate security on his/her PC using Bitdefender antivirus, you can choose any of the modes you want like real time protection or if you are interested in scheduling a protection to your PC. In case, you have some queries related to this antivirus application then it’s better to connect with an expert who can listen and answer your each query, you just need to keep the Bitdefender Antivirus customer service phone number +61-283206006 handy to reach an expert.


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