What’s New with the Latest Version of Bitdefender Online Scanner?

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Online security is the primary concern for every cyber security specialist on the planet. Therefore, we should consider ourselves fortunate that there are certain antivirus programs out there that accentuate upon the online security of things. Among these applications there is one that stands out the most: Bitdefender. Its features are many and all of them work in tandem to provide better security both online and offline. But, when it comes to online security, this software has its own league!
It is because of the Bitdefender Online Scanner. This scanning utility is always at the zenith of technical security mostly because of the constant updates it receives on the daily basis. While some of them are quite generic security updates, mostly entailing a shield to protect the antivirus itself, sometimes a more robust upgrade come through that redefines the utility altogether. The latest version, version 8 has come with utilities that have made the entire structure of the application a lot more robust.

Bitdefender Support Australia discusses the new features of this utility

Updates have always been constant, but none of them have affective result as the new one. While some of the features will make you feel a bit restricted, that is the price you pay if you want proper security. Now, let us look into what’s new with the latest version of the Bitdefender Online Scanner:

  1. Interface Overhaul: The interface is simple and intuitive. To that end, you can go through the entire scanning process without much assistance.
  2. Optimal Spyware scanning: With this tool, the spyware files are sorted out by putting the files in the system under a deeper level of scrutiny.
  3. Overhaul to the default: All of the default modes have been made a lot more effective. To that end, you can rest assured that most of the infected files will be detected and cleaned in a more automated fashion.
  4. It is now easier to install and update the application: With each update, you will have access to more virus signatures. While this update is rather generic, the virus updates ups the power of analysis of the utility.
  5. Remove the software from browser: No need to mundanely traverse into the control panel anymore! With this new feature, you can uninstall the toolbar straight from the browser.
  6. Product security: This feature is a bit restrictive. To that end, you cannot download the application from third party websites.
  7. Proxy is enabled here: If you are using a proxy, the scanner will automatically detect no matter what sort of browser you are using.
  8. Efficient reporting: Now you can save the reports from the previous scans in order to analyze them for a later time.

With these features, you can easily say that this latest update has minimal costs and maximum benefits. Needless to say, it is indeed a great improvement on the previous update.
If the update is still not able to fix some issues for you, you can contact our experts via the toll-free Bitdefender Support number +61-283173392. Our experts will assist you if the Online scanner has hit any glitch. Furthermore, if you are having other troubles while using this antivirus application, our well-versed experts can provide you with fast solutions for them as well.


Easiest method to Uninstall Bitdefender Internet Security


Bitdefender is one the best antivirus used by customers in this scenario, as it delivers multiple layers of protection against dangerous viruses which may harm your system completely and you can even lose your data. It scores well in testing independent security software labs; it monitors your browsing and social networking apps to detect and scan for any harmful elements. Some users may face some difficulty to access some program on their system and may need to remove Bitdefender Internet security. So, in this blog the technicians of Bitdefender Support have provided the easiest and correct method to uninstall the software. Just follow each step carefully and you are done with.

  • Go to the Start button in Windows Taskbar and click on All Programs if you are using windows7/Vista. And if you are a Windows XP user then click on
  • You will see the folder Bitdefender 2013 in the menu, give a click on it.
  • Locate the Repair or Uninstall option and then launch it using the admin rights.
  • For Windwos7/Vista user, answer the Yes option from the UAC information box.
  1. If your previously installed Internet Security (2013/2012) has become problematic then firstly use Repair option from the Repair or Uninstall Bitdefender wizard. Follow the wizard and complete the on-screen instructions. Save the made change and reboot the system. Hit the Remove button to automatically uninstall the program.
  • To automatically uninstall the program you can select the option of “FULL uninstall of Bitdefender” option. On the uninstall window click the green button.
  • Close the web page directly.
  • Make sure that you saved all your personal files and then click Restart on the right pane or hit the Finish button to reboot your system.

We hope you are satisfied with the above method, if any issue persists while following the steps, you can Contact Bitdefender support Australia (+61-283206006). Whenever you feel that your software is not detecting threats or removing them correctly, make a call to connect with our agents. Our support team will guide with the top solutions and satisfactory answers for your every major or minor issue. Our experts guide in a friendly manner with ease and comfort. So, grab this opportunity to fix your issues, give a call and get the instant help before the problem takes a major picture.

How to schedule a scan with Bitdefender antivirus

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Bitdefender antivirus is committed to offer reliable and effective protection to your devices and this antivirus application is compatible with all sorts of operating systems. You can schedule a scan with this antivirus application on your computer that helps in actively securing your PCs by scanning for Malware, viruses, security threats and this application helps you in providing the real time protection to your devices. Bitdefender scans your PC on a regular basis that keeps your PC secured and protected from all sorts of online threats.

You can schedule a scan on your PC by following these given steps.

Steps to follow:

  1. Turn on your PC and go to Bitdefender icon on your PC and then right click on it.
  2. A window will open and then go to schedule tasks.
  3. In the left side of the window, expand task scheduler library and then go to Microsoft and choose Windows and then go down and click on Windows defender folder.
  4. In the top center of this window, you need to double click on the Windows defender schedule scan.
  5. Next, go to triggers tab and then choose new.
  6. Now you get a chance to set the time and frequency and then select okay.

How to turn off Windows real-time protection on or off?

After turning on your PC, go to start button and then select settings option and there you need to click on update and security.
There you need to select Windows defender and then click on real-time protection to turn it on or off.

One can use these steps to activate security on his/her PC using Bitdefender antivirus, you can choose any of the modes you want like real time protection or if you are interested in scheduling a protection to your PC. In case, you have some queries related to this antivirus application then it’s better to connect with an expert who can listen and answer your each query, you just need to keep the Bitdefender Antivirus customer service phone number +61-283206006 handy to reach an expert.

Experience peace of mind while surfing the web with Bitdefender Antivirus

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  • Is your existing antivirus fail to protect from threats?
  • Is your PC running slow because of the existing antivirus?
  • Are you suspicious of any new kind of virus infecting the account?
  • Are you confused about certain malicious links?

No need to bother now! Browsing the internet and downloading the links now become stress free with Bitdefender Antivirus software. You can now do your work with complete peace of mind as once this antivirus is installed and activated, it will alert you all the time regarding any sort of malware or suspicious websites or links. It protects your data, files, folders, documents; email accounts from threats by scanning them and removes the threats if present in the system. It scans the external drives when attached to the system and give you instant protection.

Child lock, parental security, safe surfing, online transaction protection, password security, fraud protection, smart phone protection, Mac protection, multi-device protection, and optimization of PC are some of the features provided by latest version of Bitdefender. It is easy to use and compatible with latest window 10 operating system.

Bitdefender Antivirus Support, Australia is functioning 24/7 and 365 days to assist the users who are in trouble using this antivirus. The experts who are specialized in tackling all types of issue whether it is installation, operation, usage, accessing its features and many others. You will get help regarding upgrading it to recent version, compatibility problems, back up your files, configuration problem and many others.

The technicians are always ready to satisfy each user even from remote access to resolve any queries user might experience. They take complete responsibility of each problem and come out with permanent solution.

Our Bitdefender support Australia helpline +61-283206006 is open round the clock for all Bitdefender users. One can communicate their issues in live chats or messenger or voice call and get instant solution.



Simple way to resolve antivirus issues via calling Bitdefender support without stepping out

It is a well-accepted truth that computers have an integral part of the daily live and there are chances of occurrence of some mishaps with your gadgets you utilize. These devices may be vulnerable to various threats like attack of viruses which finally results in the loss of crucial information and data stored on your PC may get corrupt after the entry of Malware, Spyware, Trojan, etc.
When your gadget suffers from such a situation it creates a need of a security program, the degree of virus infection keeps on increasing if it is not treated on the right time with a commendable security program. An antivirus helps you in detecting and removing viruses from your PC/laptop and Bitdefender antivirus plays a significant role in taking care of these issues.
It is a foolproof antivirus that offers complete security when you stay connected to the internet and scan when an external device is supposed to connect with your PC/laptop. It performs full PC scan on a regular interval of time and scanning can be managed manually as well as automatically.
If you think you need guidance for a query related to this antivirus application, get in touch with Bitdefender antivirus support group that is available 24/7 and an appreciable part is that they can be contacted from anyplace. If you are looking to get help on installation of this security program, find yourself unable in using product key of this security program successfully or any other related issue making you annoy this time, you can reach to experts.
Its undeniable excellent performance has gained much popularity among a large section of population who are very much happy with its performance. It is simple to use like other antivirus programs and performs scan on your PC in a small time that saves your time and beneficial in improving the sluggish performance of your PC.
This antivirus application supports a feature called active virus control and its second best thing it gets updated automatically when it finds an internet connection, no need to update it manually. Without a doubt, you can utilize this application and for more guidance dial Bitdefender antivirus helpline number +61-283206006.

Bitdefender Antivirus Protection with Extended Capabilities


When it’s about antivirus software solution it’s especially important to have the best one, there are thousands of the software solutions that claim to be the best, and Bitdefender Antivirus is amongst the best one.

Bitdefender Antivirus – Get What You Have Paid For

It can be the best option for any business organization to have the antivirus software such as Bitdefender Antivirus because of functionality and features that have too much to serve to its users. Most users simply don’t have the time to know how the software works & how to fix the technical errors. Many people often think they’re not getting more than they had paid for; in fact, they’re getting less features & facilities on the current software they are using.

More About the Features of Bitdefender Antivirus

As you know, Bitdefender Antivirus offer protection from various threats including Windows PC & laptop security, ranging from all these devices all potential threats can be removed easily. These threats can be a nightmare especially for the stored important data in your PC. One of the most important features of Bitdefender Antivirus is Safepay™ that comes with Wi-Fi Hotspot protection needed to secure transactions and information safe from cyber threats.

24×7 Accessibility to Tech Support

And, if you’re wondering what could be the best possible help in case of technical errors, the close to perfect security solution is Bitdefender Technical Support Australia that offer support via phone & live chat, their helpline number +61-283206006 remain open 24×7 for the ease of users that want to connect on the go to technical experts on any vulnerabilities.

Have a Worry Free Experience

But probably the most important thing needed for the safety of latest Bitdefender products include learning how to fix increasingly complex technical errors alarming home users about the features such parental control and firewall protection. At the least, you don’t miss searching out for the different antivirus products, either you can choose the best one or the worst, but don’t forget to compare the features in order to have worry free experience.


Surfing and Securing via Bitdefender


Surfing internet all day is a common phenomenon today, but it comes with some uninvited hidden threats like viruses, malware and spyware. Since Internet is a basic need in today’s lifestyle we need reliable protection for defense, Bitdefender is that protection. If you don’t have an Anti-virus you can switch to it for an error and spam-free surfing experience.

Making your Website Threat-proof

Today E-commerce business taken all over the markets, as this revolution grows need of online banking transaction increases and thus the threat increases too. The best Bitdefender Antivirus has to offer you are the threat intelligence and safe online transactions.
Nowadays cyber criminals are increasing their level of hacking and can breakthrough strong security measures, so we need a protective gear which continuously gets upgraded according to the new threats. Bitdefender announces the addition of enhanced anti-exploit, a new security feature that complements Ransomware protection in the Gravityzone product line.

Real time Monitoring

Yes, this Anti-virus helps you through real time monitoring the malicious files, codes, and safeguards your website without disrupting the ongoing operations. Demand of a supple model cyber security Anti-virus in the online business is needed today and Bitdefender offer all you need.

Our security in our Hands

Neglecting the cyber threats won’t help your website to get any better protection against online threats; you have to be careful on these aspects. By implementing few things on your eRetail site you can save it from getting hacked. Bitdefender Antivirus has inbuilt security features which stand against all the online threats you may face.

Bitdefender Official Support Page isn’t helping much?

Even though Bitdefender Support has made guidelines leading towards issue corrections, still there is a great chance of getting confused because text guidelines doesn’t come as much of a help when it comes to a technical problem, but you don’t have to worry about that as there is a third-party support that offers you the best service over phone & live chat remotely.

Tech support

As it is just software it is possible to encounter technical issues, if it is not updated properly you may face some problem regarding some technical glitches. To ensure an error free scanning you will always need a reliable tech support.

Just for your help

We have hand-picked an option for you – Bitdefender Customer Support Australia which helps and lead you to a error free software experience, serving their customer in the best possible ways resolving all their queries. If you need any kind of Technical Support, Just make a call at our Bitdefender Support Number +61-283206006.